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The first known example of the proverb I know of is in the English writer and courtier John Lyly's romantic novel Euphues , Love and warre are all one [ Spanish - el amor y la guerra son vna misma cosa ]: and as in warre it is lawful to use sleights and stratagems to overcome the enemy: So in amorous strifes and competencies, Impostures and juggling tricks are held for good, to attaine to the wished end.

Almost a century later we find a version of the proverb that is close to its present form - in The Artful Husband , , the comic play by the English lawyer and playwright William Taverner:.

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Finally, in , we get to the proverb in the form we now use it - in the novel The Relapse, or Myrtle Bank :. Home Search Phrase Dictionary All's fair in love and war.

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Educated in France and England, he started as a teacher, but soon moved to writing on scientific subjects. However, he gained his greatest success from his fiction writing, publishing over 30 novels in 15 years.

Wells is usually given the nod as the father of science fiction, but Allen was also pioneer in this genre as well, particularly on the subject of time travel. Allen also dabbled in mystery novels, boldly featuring female detectives.

These were novels expected to be less shocking and more popular with mainstream audiences. It was a prototype for the modern romance novel.

Both men are in the Army and before the matter can be resolved they are sent off to Africa to combat an uprising of the Matabele in modern day Zimbabwe. During the conflict, Dr.

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Oliver Cameron saves the life of his rival. His rival falls in love with the nurse caring for him, leaving Muriel and Oliver to find each other.

Perhaps the story was not as breezy as the publisher expected, with a light romance amidst the violence of warfare. The plot is distinctly ingenious, and has one refreshing variation from conventional fiction. Besides, Mr.