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When Oscar Wilde's Wit Couldn't Save Him

More secrets are told, as if the author stands just over your shoulder and bends down to whisper in your ear his tale rather than performing on a set several feet away. Following this introduction, Berman showcases fifteen very different stories that show the wide range and variety he discovered last year in gay speculative fiction.

How to write a speculative fiction story

Personally, I think that variety is what I love and enjoy the most about reading speculative fiction. That and the fact that there's no placing most of these stories into a neat little box even when certain genres are used as a base in their construction. I'll give you a few samples of the variety found in this anthology, even when stories seem to share similarities. And while one story is edgier than the other, they both leave the reader in deep thought while chilled to the bone.

Wilde Stories 2011: The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction

There are also fun tales such as "The Peacock by Ted Infinity and Nabil Hijazi," a science fiction based love story between a spambot program and a man that made me snort and laugh from beginning to wonderful over-the-top end, and Tom Cardamone's very short excellent Chinese mythology-based story, "The Cloud Dragon Ate Red Balloons," which surprisingly left me with a smile at the end. These two stories while very different are both excellent, quite creative, and fun!

Publisher Description

I enjoyed reading this anthology slowly, savoring each tale on its own. It is interesting to note that even as personal taste led me to find favorite stories, it is also easy to say that the quality of the stories and writers, gay themes, plus the variety found in Berman's Wilde Stories The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction make this anthology an overall well-balanced, rock solid read.

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Berman realized by junior high school he was gay. He attended Tulane University , earning a bachelor's degree in English literature, then later studied History at Rutgers—Camden campus in Camden, New Jersey as well as a master's degree in Liberal Studies in He began his publishing career working in pharmaceutical and medical publishing, then worked as a senior book buyer for wholesaler Bookazine, and served in the marketing department of a small Jewish press.

He spent a decade as an employee engagement survey analyst for a human resources consulting firm in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

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Berman attended the Clarion East class, the last year that workshop was held in East Lansing, Michigan. Though raised Jewish , Berman wavers between Jewish secularism and Atheism. His short fiction is mainly dark fantasy, horror, urban fantasy, and weird autofiction.

In , Berman founded Lethe Press. The first few titles included his first short story collection, Trysts , and several books in the public domain. Several of his urban fantasy stories are set in the Fallen Area.

Wilde Stories The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction by Steve Berman - Read Online

Berman has been a finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award, seven times for the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards and five times as editor for the Lambda Literary Award in various categories. He won the latter in for His Seed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the editor and writer. For the lawyer, see Steve Berman lawyer.

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